Fundación Quiera


A child's imagination has no limits and as adults, part of our responsibility is to encourage, stimulate and develop it. For Fundación Quiera, the Drawing and Painting Contest is a very valuable space, which allows us to "listen" attentively to our children and young people, since art is presented as an ideal means to engage in a direct dialogue with them through their creations, which reflect their deepest thoughts and feelings..

It is surprising to see how in each of the participating works, we can discover new worlds, new ideas and interpretations that manage to enrich and complement our own worldview. Each work is valuable in itself because it allows us to connect with a reality different from our own, something that helps us to empathize and understand the other in a better way.

The Drawing and Painting Contest 2021, "For our rights" convened by Fundación Quiera. All the competing works were conceived from the interpretation of the story "Los sueños del sapo" by Javier Villafañe. Each artist captured in images his feeling about reading, representing some of the rights to which allegory was made.

Thanks to the 612 artists who participated and shared their talent; to the collaborators and managers of the 42 Institutions Strengthened by Quiera (IFQs) for their accompaniment throughout the process; and of course, to the Mexican Stock Exchange Group and the Museo de la Bolsa (MUBO) for their unconditional support, and that for the fourth consecutive year allow us to exhibit the great talent of our childhood and youth.

Just as all the children and young people created them, I invite you to see the works with a look full of imagination; one that allows us to listen to them and learn from them.

Janina Furszyfer de Becker

President of Fundación Quiera