A dream that began in 1993 is today a reality. Quiera Foundation celebrates 30 years of fulfilling dreams and transforming lives thanks to its uninterrupted work focused on the strengthening and professionalization of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that directly serve children, adolescents and young people (NNAJ) in situations or at risk of street.

In these first three decades we have transformed the lives of more than 400,000 children and adolescents, their families and collaborators in our network of IFQs, investing more than 536 million pesos. The commitment we have from the Association of Banks of Mexico and the banking union is firm, so we will continue working systemically and in a multidimensional manner to restore the rights of children and youth in our country, focusing on comprehensive development that provides them with opportunities. of inclusion at all levels of your life.

Within the framework of this celebration, I can tell you that the works presented in this exhibition are a reflection of the long-term vision and commitment that the Quiera Foundation has so that the Institutions Strengthened by Quiera (IFQs) achieve sustainability. Each drawing and painting speaks about the internalization of the idea of the "future", as well as the tools and values necessary for us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves throughout our lives.

As in the story of this edition, each and every one of the boys, girls, adolescents and young people participating put their effort, commitment, patience and dedication to exemplify in their creations the importance of the processes to achieve transformation.
I greatly appreciate the support of the Mexican Stock Exchange Group and the MUBO Stock Exchange Museum, strategic allies of the foundation that, for the sixth consecutive year, make the 2023 Drawing and Painting Contest exhibition, “Growing Together”, a project of great relevance for us and our network of IFQs.

Congratulations to the 31 winning and finalist works that make up this catalog! Thanks to the 720 artists who enthusiastically participated in the Contest and to all the collaborators and managers of the 37 participating IFQs who made this process a success.

Marcia Villalba de Carranza

President of Fundación Quiera